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From Traceability to Transparency: How to Be Ready for the Future of Fashion



Transparency has never been more critical for the fashion industry than it is today. Turn it into your greatest asset to meet the demands of all stakeholders and anticipate upcoming transformations.



Our e-book, crafted in collaboration with Accenture and featuring insights from the SMCP Group, delves into the essentials of traceability, legislation, and transparency within the fashion sector. 



What you will find:


- Introduction by Yann Rivoallan, the president of the French Women's Ready-To-Wear Federation.

- Relevant Legislation: Stay informed about the latest legislation such as the Digital Product Passport and environmental labeling.


- Traceability and Data-Related Challenges: Learn about best practices to optimize the use of your data.

- Strategic Role of Transparency: Discover how to leverage transparency with the help of technology.

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“Transparency offers an unprecedented opportunity. It allows brands to tell a new story—a story that resonates with the values of truth and responsibility”

YANN RIVOALLAN - President of the French Women's Ready-To-Wear Federation

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Plunge into this 2024 E-book, which will give you the latest insights into the ever-changing global legislative landscape, equipping you with the tools to help you prepare and turn transparency into a value driver. 

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